Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Heard on the radio this morning (25 July 2012) that Big “0”s religion was Moronism. (If it weren't true, it couldn't be on radio!) As a theologian, I have given this some thought and feel the need to flesh out this belief system called Moronity. It is a belief in the god, Moron, the founder and leader of all that is dim-witted thinking.
The followers are properly called Moronians [sic], indicating being a follower of Moron. The belief system is known as Moronity and/or Moronism. The followers are said to act in a Moronic manner or to act Moronically; which properly describes those whom I have observed.
My hope is that this clarifies Big “0”s thinking, speaking and acting patterns. There are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, in these United States that look up to him as the modern day prophet of Moron. They do have the ability to change if they want to honestly look at this modern day prophet, affectionately known in my circles as Big “0”; but I am not confident that these Moronics are forward looking enough to see that this belief system is a dead-end system. It comes to an end when it runs out of wage earners', the producers' and job creators' money; when it strangles the Golden Goose, otherwise known as the American system of free enterprise and commerce.

NOTE: The phrase Big “0” uses a zero and not an “oh”.

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